Historic Milestones

JSC Kamensk-Uralsky Non-Ferrous Metal Working Plant is one of the leading enterprises of non-ferrous metalworking in Russia and one of the oldest industrial enterprises in the Urals. Our plant, which began operation on February 15, 1942, is more than 75 years old. Its history, however, goes back to the nineteenth century.
1876 – The foundation of the Kolchugin Brass and Copper Rolling Mills Partnership (Kolchugino plant).
1930 – A method of hot rolling brass was developed and production of bimetallic wire was streamlined that rivalled its best counterparts in the West.
February 15, 1942 – Work began in the new Kamensky Foil-rolling Plant.
1942-1947 – A foundry, drawing-pipe, rolling, foil-rolling, and powder mills were commissioned.
1951 – The enterprise became the first in the USSR to commercially develop a method of semi-continuous, heavy non-ferrous metal alloy casting, which was later adopted by all Russian plants processing non-ferrous metals.
1966 – Automated hard-surfacing of tools and components of processing equipment with wear-resistant alloys was developed and implemented for the first time in the USSR.
1970 to 80 – The period marked an increase in production capacity, the introduction of new technology, and a rise in production volume.
1992-1993 – Company is renamed into JSC Kamensk-Uralsky Non-Ferrous Metal Working Plant.
2008 – A mini-mill for the production of brass rolled products with the use of Italian equipment was opened.
2011 – A project for the production of brass wire under its own BRASSTON brand was completed. It was the first Russian-produced wire for EDM machines.
May 2013 – KUZOCM Technology, LLC, a subsidiary company of JSC KUZOCM, presented an innovative project at the Skolkovo Innovation Center at the First Annual All-Russian Startup Village Conference: the technology to effectively produce secondary copper from slag heaps. Following the event, experts included this project in the Top 200 best Russian and foreign start-up projects.
October 2013 – JSC KUZOCM launched a new product: oxygen-free copper rods using UP-CAST, an upward continuous casting method. To implement this technological process, a product line from the Finnish company UPCAST OY was introduced.
2014 – The Conform line was introduced for the continuous extrusion of copper busbars.
2015 – Introduction of new production technologies, equipment upgrades, optimization of the manufacturing process of aluminum powders, as well as products from copper-nickel alloys.
2016 – New products from copper-nickel alloys were launched and the second Conform line was implemented.
JSC Kamensk-Uralsky Non-Ferrous Metal Working Plant is an active participant in international industrial expositions. In recent years, we have participated on more than one occasion in each of the following expositions: MSV (Czech Republic), MCE (Italy), BIG 5 (UAE), Industrie Lyon (France), ISH (Germany), Wire (Germany), Metal-Expo (Russia), Elektro (Russia)

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