The JSC Kamensk-Uralsky Non-Ferrous Metal Working Plant is one of the largest enterprises of non-ferrous metalworking industry in Russia. This plant has maintained this standing, even in difficult economic conditions. Total production of all types of products from our plant makes up about one-third of the total annual volume of production of non-ferrous metal products by the leading plants of the industry in Russia.
The assortment of products manufactured by JSC KUZOCM is extraordinarily wide, with about 16 thousand standard sizes and more than 140 alloys. Our principal products are pressed and drawn bars of round, hexagonal, square, and irregular cross-sections; round and rectangular wire; manifold strips, busbars, anodes, casting alloys, and powders. They are used in various industries, such as electrical engineering, metallurgy, energy production, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, chemical and oil refining industry, instrument making, and aircraft engineering. Our company’s production capacity allows us to continuously expand the assortment of manufactured products and its competitiveness is ensured by our quality management system, certified for compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001.
Currently, JSC KUZOCM is upgrading production equipment technology, introducing new equipment, and also actively expanding into new sales markets. The factory exports its products to Armenia, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, the Netherlands, Brazil, Thailand, the United States of America, China, the UK, and other countries.
The mission of JSC KUZOCM remains unchanged. Our goal is to build a highly efficient means of production and create a lasting, world-class company of non-ferrous metal products that meet customers’ requirements and wishes.

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