Copper-nickel products

Symbol Designationnumber Product CrossSection Order
CuNi10Fe Wire
CuNi30Mn1FeTi Wire

Rolled products made from copper-nickel alloys are used in fields such as electrical engineering, pyrometry, cable industry, shipbuilding and more.
The primary advantages of copper-nickel rolled products are:

  • High resistance to corrosion;
  • Strength;
  • Good machinability when using pressure;
  • High electrical conductivity.

These characteristics allow copper-nickel rolled products to be used in the manufacture of cables, as electrodes in welding work, in the production of thermocouples, and for other purposes.
JSC KUZOCM manufactures copper-nickel wire and rods of soft, solid, and semi-solid states (depending on the grade of the alloy).
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