Copper products

Symbol Designationnumber Product CrossSection Order
Cu-ETP CW004A Bus-bars,rods, profiles,collectorstrips,wire
CuCr1 CW105C rods, ingots
CuCr1Zr CW106C rods,ingots
CuCo2Be CW104C rods, Bus-bars, ingots
CuAg0,10 CW013A collectorstrips
CuCoNi1Be CW103C rods
Cu-OF CW008A Bus-bars,rods, profiles,collectorstrips,wire

Copper rolled products are characterized by their high level of reliability and durability. Most often, copper products are used in electrical engineering, instrument making, mechanical engineering, which includes heavy engineering, as well as in the automotive, metalworking, and cable industries.
Copper rolled products feature the following properties:

  • High electrical and thermal conductivity;
  • Resistance to corrosion;
  • Resiliency to pressure changes;
  • Long service life;
  • Plasticity.

Due to these qualities, copper rolled products are used in the production of electric motors, switchboard equipment, and in the manufacture of electronics, cables, and other products.
JSC KUZOCM is a manufacturer of high-quality copper rolled products.
Our company produces pressed and drawn rods with round, square, rectangular, and hexagonal cross-sections; round drawn wire; profiles and strips of various cross-sections, including those for manifolds, as well as busbars, and ingots.
All copper rolled products are manufactured in accordance with DIN EN.
Our company is distinguished for our flexible pricing system and individual approach to each customer.
For questions regarding technical specifications, product availability, prices, or terms of supply, please contact our manager.