About plant

JSC "Kamensk-Ural Plant for processing non-ferrous metals" is the leader of the non-ferrous metalworking industry in Russia.

Over the history of its development (since 1942), the company has accumulated a wealth of experience in the production of round rolled products from copper, nickel, zinc and alloys based on them.

The range of products is extremely wide and amounts to about 16 thousand standard sizes and more than 140 alloys. The main types of products are pressed and drawn rods of round, hexagonal, square and shaped sections, round and rectangular wire, collector strips, tires, anodes, foundry alloys, powders and powders.

The manufactured products are used in various industries: electrical engineering, metallurgy, energy, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, chemical and oil refining industries, instrumentation, aviation technology.

The technical production process includes smelting, pressing, rolling and drawing processing, which are equipped with powerful equipment. The quality of the products is controlled by the factory laboratory, equipped with modern instruments and testing machines, reliable metrological equipment.

Currently, in accordance with the requirements of the market, large-scale reconstruction, modernization, purchase and installation of new equipment are being carried out at the enterprise, new technologies are being actively mastered. Investment projects are aimed at maintaining the quality of products at the level of world standards and offering new types of rolled metal to the market.

In recent years, JSC "KUZOCM" has significantly expanded the production of rolled products from heat-resistant dispersion hardening alloys (chrome and chromium-zirconium bronzes), which are widely used both within the country and abroad.

JSC "KUZOCM" is also a leading manufacturer in Russia of such products as zinc wire, wire and strip made of alloy X20N80, X20N80N, X15N60, BrOC4-3 wire, thermoelectrode wire, etc.

Welding wire made of copper and copper-based alloys (Monel, LKBO62) produced by JSC "KUZOCM" are in constant demand – 0,2 – 0,04 -0,5 , MNJKT5 – 1 -0,2-0,2 , BrX0, 7, PUNCH -11, etc.), wire and rods of beryllium bronze.

The plant is traditionally known as a supplier of quality products that meet the requirements of Russian and international standards. The production capacities of the enterprise allow us to constantly expand the range of manufactured products. The production of competitive products is ensured by the quality management system operating at the enterprise, certified for compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015.

Today JSC "KUZOCM" occupies the largest segment of the domestic market of rolled non–ferrous metals from copper and its alloys, confidently asserting itself in the foreign market, carrying out export deliveries to non-CIS countries - Germany, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Brazil, Turkey, as well as CIS and Baltic countries.

Extensive work experience, powerful scientific and technical potential, dynamically developing production are the components of the success and reliability of the enterprise.

The main strategic goal of KUZOCM is to build a highly efficient production and create a world–class, long-term successful company for the production of non-ferrous metal products that meet the requirements and wishes of consumers.

The technological capabilities of the enterprise allow us to quickly adapt our services to the needs of consumers, to supply products of a wide range with different chemical composition and physico-mechanical properties. The best specialists of the plant will produce the types of rolled products necessary for you with high accuracy.

The main priority of KUZOCM is the maximum satisfaction of the Customer's needs.